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Hi! I'm Eleanor Konik – a history nerd & fantasy author who enjoys putting software through its paces.

I try to keep up with all the tools, plugins, guides, events, & discussions relevant to Obsidian's corner of the personal knowledge management community, as well as share some insight into my own nerdy deep dives into ancient history & weird animal biology... and more importantly the methods that help me stay sane and happy during the process.

Folks who sign up to financially support my efforts & behind-the-scenes logistical work also get access to exclusive essays about knowledge management, optimization, & efficiency — and how I use my notes to help me tell stories that illuminate what I've learned.

Otherwise, sign up for the free email newsletter or add me to your favorite RSS Reader; either way, you can decide which content you want to get, for example just the Obsidian Roundup, only my research overviews, or all that plus the bonus essays about productivity and culture.

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Thoughts on productivity

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🌲 My favorite productivity app that isn't a productivity app

Old, simple tools are often still useful, especially when paired with a practice of frequent check-ins with your goals and mental state.

a lion wearing protective goggles that reflect blue icebergs via Midjourney
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🌲Using Obsidian for Teaching?

For the most part, my teaching notes are very simple and low-tech. But Obsidian was helpful when I was allowed to use it.

🌲Using Obsidian for Teaching?
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👩‍🏫 Cartography for Worldbuilders

Map generation & usage

👩‍🏫 Cartography for Worldbuilders


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📚 Review: The Sol Majestic by Ferrett Steinmetz

Lessons in persistence from food porn science fiction

a chef wearing a neon hat
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📚 The Value of Philosophical Rants in Fantasy Stories

Reflections on the rants of Ursula Vernon, L. E. Modesitt Jr., & Naomi Novik

a painting of the trench coat wearing figures of a shadow and a redhead watching the sunset


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📰 Food as Currency

On the origins of agriculture, money, & currency

A basket full of dried cocoa beans being traded at a mayan market via the MidJourney AI bot.
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📰 Carthaginian Connections

An overview of cultures Carthage interacted with

Carthage Ports Puniques via wikimedia commons public domain