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Monday—Research Highlights

Every Monday morning at 4:15AM EST I send an email summarizing my research into a topic. You can access it via RSS or a direct visit if you prefer. Each post will contain a brief explanation of what inspired the research deep dive, 5 short facts, and 4 paragraphs summarizing the highlights of what I learned. I link to my sources as well as one relevant product (for example a longform article) of mine. It is accessible to the public.

Wednesday—Short Fiction + Analysis

Every Wednesday morning at 4:15AM EST I send an email with a piece of short fiction along with a nonfiction article (~750 words) expanding on a related topic to all paying subscribers, who can access it via RSS or direct link if they prefer. The first Wednesday of the month will be a flash fiction story (~1000 words), while the remaining stories that month will be microfiction (~100 words).

Each analysis will consist of original research and nonfiction writings about a related topic; the purpose is to educate about something interesting, not just spout off about the underlying themes or meaning of the story.

First Friday of the Month—Notes

Once a month, I'll update my notes and let people know what's new with me — what I've published, what I'm working on, and anything going on behind the scenes that subscribers might care about. There will also be an "open thread" in the comments for subscribers to connect and talk about whatever.