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Surviving 536 CE

Cultural Trends & Surviving Volcanic Winters

Surviving 536 CE
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Fighting giants with snakes in the butt

Photo of ants on a log via Pexels
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Karen Haegemans on Elissa of Carthage

The historicity of Dido, founder of Carthage

Dido Building Carthage aka The Rise of the Carthaginian Empire by J. M. W. Turner
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Folklore Ancient & Modern

Gremlins & road gators

Gremlins, a modern myth... and children's book by Roald Dahl.
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Heroes and Parenting

The ascendancy of Achilles over Hawkeye

Achilles chose heroism instead of parenting
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Giants in War

Frost Giants & Firbolgs

Many of Ireland's mythical early settlers were considered giants.
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Curious Disasters

Failed marriages in folklore

A rose was nearly Beauty's undoing in Beauty and the Beast.
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Great Men or Sons of Society?

Questioning the uniqueness of history’s leaders

Saint Paul delivering the Areopagus sermon in Athens addressed early issues in Christology.
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Mythology as Science

Fermi's paradox, cryptozoology, & mangled oral traditions

The satellite from which the SETI messages were sent into space.
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History Becomes Myth

Exaggeration is a powerful memetic force

George Washington admitting he chopped the cherry tree.