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🌠 Boolean Task Queries & Improved Sidebar Controls

Plugin settings design tips & productivity book recommendations.

Eleanor Konik
Written by Eleanor Konik

I write stories & articles inspired by all eras of history & science... so I wind up putting notetaking software like Obsidian & Readwise thru their paces.

4 min read.

In The Community

  • The subreddit has new flairs for plugins and themes, and encourages people who want to post memes to use the new meme subreddit.


  • It's a good habit to restart Obsidian after you disable or update plugins and themes, just in case there's been dependency updates or issues with unloading old settings.

Obsidian Updates

  • Silver and Licat, the duo who developed Obsidian solo before recently bringing Liam onto the team, just had a baby — their second together since launching Obsidian 🥰. They all got home from the hospital on Sunday and seem to be doing well.
  • Insider 0.15.7 had a bunch of fixes and added support for .mov and .mkv files (although the precise support may vary by platform). You can also get the Inter font from the top of the font list now — it's the old default font. You can switch back to Inter by going to Settings > Appearance in Obsidian, which will make -> turn back into a "proper arrow" if you're into that. But really you should consider a more font agnostic method, like those described in Discord.

Plugin News

New in Community Plugins

Pending (as of Friday morning)

Note: Not all new plugins are available in the community list yet, as they need to go through code review first. You can manually install plugins that aren't in the community list yet by using the Beta Reviewer's Auto-update Tool. This is not as safe as waiting for them to go through code review.

  • Hide Sidebars on Window Resize by @NomarCub  automatically hides the sidebars when your window is resized to be narrower. There's also the similar beta plugin Sidebar Toggler that lets you control them from a third party window manager using a URI scheme.
  • Tagged Documents Viewer by @mgeduld  opens a modal with scrollable content of all documents that contain a specific tag or tags.
  • Hard Breaks by @bkis  turn soft line breaks in Markdown into hard line breaks automatically.


If you want a more comprehensive list of what plugins updated this week, check out this plugin updates index by Ganessh Kumar.

For Developers

  • In Discord there was some guidance on plugin settings design.
  • SilentVoid is looking for a new maintainer for Templater. Based on things others have said in Discord, I suspect that even if you're not a coder, just helping consolidate and categorize issues helps developers save a lot of time.
  • Rob Smith is looking to hire a developer to build a column folder and file sidebar (details in Discord).

Feature Requests

  • An LSP client for Obsidian would make it easier to use things like Grammarly, Vale, advanced linting or autocompletion in code blocks and stuff. Also YAML validation and YAML autocomplete. There are more details on Discord.
  • Here's a nice write-up about how to leverage unlinked mentions, that comes complete with ideas for improvements.
  • If it would be useful for you, add your support to the feature request for editing transclusions in place.


  • Sanctum now allows for more scrollbar customizations, got some fixes, and some subtle tweaks to make it feel cleaner.
  • Minimal now supports a new setting in Style Settings under Minimal > Text  to adjust paragraph spacing, which helps with aligning reading and edit modes.





I'm going to be out of town with just an iPad for two weeks in August, which will impact the Roundup to various degrees. Although editions will still come out, they may be limited to priority updates. Also, if I'm slower to respond to emails, that's a big reason for why.

Note: There are a couple of affiliate links & codes scattered around, but these always come from links I was already recommending and usually I share them because they benefit you too (i.e. getting you extra time on trials).

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